Audits under your control

A powerful site crawler and audit tool to review sites of your choice. No subscription required.

Your own site audit tool

Find issues with ease

This is an easy to use CLI (command line interface) tool that will scan your site for common issues. It will output a report in multiple formats that you can use to fix the issues.

There are some dependencies to use this tool. You'll need a GitHub account, Node.js installed on your computer, and reasonable comfort using a command line interface.

Other sites offer site audit tools, but without the control. Site scans can be run from your machine at any time and within a shorter amount of time.

The one time payment is not industry standard. It's what I want as a customer so it is what I'm offering to you.

The payment includes full code access. The free version includes a reduced number of audits and minified code (not meant to be read).

This is an alternate option to ahrefs site audit, moz site audit, and sem rush site audit.

Robust features for your needs

Output Files


HTML file (self-contained in a single file) with page images and all audits items to address. Sample HTML file



PDF file with page images and all audits items to address. Easy for sharing and printing. Sample PDF file



Detailed information of both passing and failing audits items in a CSV file. Easy to import in your favorite spreadsheet software. Sample CSV file

Page Analysis

Broken Links

All public links on your site are checked to ensure they are working.


Missing Tags

HTML tags to support SEO are checked to ensure they are present and correctly formatted.


Collection of Best Practices

Large collection of other checks based on industry standards.

Site Coherance

Sitemap Comparison

Crawls all the pages of your site and compares them to the sitemap. Creates the file if not present. Sample sitemap


Duplicate Content

All the pages are checked for duplicate content to ensure that your site is not penalized by search engines.



Verifies that the robots.txt file is accessible and contains valid options for your site. Creates a the file if not present. Sample robots.txt


One time purchase
Full version download and pull access to the private github repository for one person. Additional users require additional purchases.